Box Tops for Education

Kris Couture

box tops

Box tops are an easy and convenient way to earn money for our school. They are found on dozens of General Mills products and now on Ziploc products too! All you need to do is cut them out and send them to school - I'll take care of the rest. Would you throw away a dime? I didn't think so - please don't throw away box tops then because that's what each one is worth!! It may not seem like a lot but they really do add up quickly.

Get your kids involved - show them what a box top looks like and see how many your family can collect. I'll be rewarding the kids throughout the school year with small incentive prizes.

Another very easy way to earn cash for Nelson Place is by simply shopping online. You need to sign up to be a Box Tops booster club member first. You can do this by going to Once you are a member you can click the icon that will bring you to the Box Tops Marketplace where you can choose from over 200 merchants to shop. Each merchant donates a percentage of your purchase to Nelson Place. It's all electronically tracked and really couldn't be any easier. It's a no brainer really - if you shop online, you should be earning our school money. *The most important thing to remember is to go to before you start your shopping*.

Box Tops Update

I often receive emails with questions, here are a few that I get frequently:

Why should I send in Box Tops? This money helps pay for school supplies and equipment as well as some of the great student enrichment activities we have planned, like SPREE DAY! Plus every month, the classroom that collects the most Box Tops wins a Popsicle Party just for them.

Do I have to use the sheets that are sent home? NO! You can send them to school in a plastic bag or envelope instead of the sheets if it’s easier. As long as you include your child’s name and their teacher, it will count.

Is cutting out Box Tops the only way to help the school?  No - Go to to see the list of stores that you can shop online with, and still give credit to Nelson Place! For instance, Halloween Express will donate 7.5 box tops for every $10 you spend in their Box Tops Marketplace and you get 25% off any order of $35 or more – this is exclusive to Box Tops participants. You can also shop big brands such as Target, Nordstrom, Staples and Kohl’s!

What brands support Box Tops?  Box Tops can be found on Ziploc food storage, Hanes Apparel and Betty Crocker Bake ware as well as many popular food brands such as General Mills Cereals, Pillsbury, Green Giant and Yoplait. Go to to see the complete list of products that you can find Box Tops for Education on.

Why should I sign in  There are so many great things on their website. Not only can you find our current school status, but there are also many coupons and easy recipes for the products that you are buying already to help support Nelson Place.